In case it isn’t obvious from todays posts Richard Sala is one of my favorite illustrators, and I’m not just saying that because he follows me here. I’ve been addicted to Richard’s work ever since I was first exposed to his story Hate Mail in Taboo # 2, and I’ve collected everything he’s done (including his rare self published Night Drive) up until  his latest The Hidden. If anyone out there has never read Richard’s books, I strongly suggest you track them down. You won’t be disappointed.
The Hidden (2011)
Cat Burglar Black (2009)
Delphine (serialized as a four issue mini-series, 2006–2009)
The Grave Robber’s Daughter (2006)
Dracula (2005) (Volume 3 of IDW’s Little Book of Horror Series, in collaboration with Steve Niles)
Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires (2005)
Mad Night (2005)
Maniac Killer Strikes Again! Delirious, Mysterious Stories (2003)
Peculia (2002)
The Chuckling Whatsit (1997)
The Ghastly Ones and Other Fiendish Frolics (1995)
Black Cat Crossing (1993)
Hypnotic Tales (1992)