BAYARD RUSTIN (1912-1987)
Bayard Rustin was an openly gay civil rights organizer and non-violent activist. He’s most well known for his work organizing the 1963 March on Washington. In 2013, Rustin was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We honor him for his activism and commitment to nonviolence, despite being the target of violence and discrimination because of his race and his sexuality.

and if i haven’t replied to something yet, i’m sorry. my mind has not been focused in a bit. will do it soon

:/ So, I did a thing because perfectnonfreedom tagged me:

 1- If you could be any kind of tree in the whole world, what kind of tree would you be?  :/ dammit.  oak maybe? no, fruit tree of some sort…

2- Did you enjoy high school? Fuck no

3- Do you miss anyone? My father and sister and her kids

4- Do you want children? sometimes

5- Favorite book? (Don’t care if this is a cliché question, I ask this question frequently) damn you, sir. This has changed too many times. Some favorites over the years have included: portrait of a woman, pride and prejudice, the naked sun, confessions of a mask, Lolita, the talented mr ripley, wicked, dorian gray, Claudine a l’ecole, gigi, the color purple, aw fuck. I don’t know. lately maybe the Maggie and Hopey stories in Love and Rockets

6- Would you agree that Bill Viola is worth ten Scorceses? No fuckin idea but I will look him up. But honeymoon killers goddamn it

7- What kind of shoes do you usually wear? red martens or 3-4” heels if I have to wear shoes

8- Do you have any regrets? Too many to count but not one painful enough to dwell on anymore…most fuckin days…

9- Do you dislike heat as much as I do? nope. I prefer it. sweating and baking please

10- Do you let other people’s advice change your plans? Here’s the thing about advice: “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” (erica jong) so, yeah…

11- Would it bother you if I started reblogging a bunch of pictures of rugby players in all kinds of awkward positions? You know it would not, sir.  I would appreciate it.  the more socks and calves the better.  homoeroticism and violence. tiny shorts and wardrobe malfunctions please

If the State is oppressive, if democracy is a delusion, it is because the State is composed of three permanent bodies, recruited by co-option and distinct from the people, namely, the army, the police, and the bureaucracy. The interests of these three bodies are different from those of the population and consequently opposed to them. It follows that the “State machine” is oppressive by its very nature, its mechanism cannot function without crushing the citizens; the best will in the world cannot turn it into an instrument for the public good; the only way to stop it from being oppressive is to smash it.

Simone Weil, Fragments, 1933-1938 (via weil-weil)
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