Ever feel so grateful for something someone said or did for you, that seemed so uncalculating, it turned you on?

It’s like “oh, here. Lemme just suck that dick for you”


Still on this summer time madness of custom jewellery we have this great complementary set of Tunnels and Hangies.The Hangies carved from ebony with hammered copper inlays in the pattern of the star constellation Leo, with copper closure, running through a matching set of Delrin plugs, with a hammered copper inlay.A fun project with a great look! We’re up to our knees with custom jewellery, and we cant wait to show it to you fine folks!

did you die or did you just go offline?

actual thought i had rn (via queerandpresentdanger)

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BLACK PERVERT filming in BALTIMORE, MD August 17-19, 2014


BLACK PERVERT is a feature-length documentary about the experiences of Black folks in the US kink community. We are filming the week of Sunday August 17-Tuesday August 19, 2014, and traveling around the US for the rest of the year.

If you, or other Black perverts (we are choosing to decolonize the term!) you know, may be interested in participating in the film and being interviewed please be in touch. To read more about the film visit the production site www.TRUEstoriesproductions.com or contact the directors true@truestoriesproductions.com or bianca@truestoriesproductions.com or ask questions here!

Please share with folks who may be interested!