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Semi-Translucent Calcite Venus
The Venus of Tursac
25,000 YBP
11.9 cm, 4.5”
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On April 13th, In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Northwest Film Forum, in collaboration with the Washington state chapter of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, presents the first annual Seattle Autistic Film Festival!

Selected by autistic activists and self-advocates to promote the message of neurodiversity and autism acceptance, these films deconstruct the harmful “fear-and-tragedy” driven narratives around autism that dominate national conversation, and illustrate how an acceptance-based view of autism can counteract harmful messages and improve the lives of autistic people, and those who love them.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a national disability rights organization run by and for autistic people. Please note this is a disability-friendly, sensory-friendly and fragrance-free event. All films will be captioned to keep events accessible to those with auditory processing difficulties or hearing loss. Lighting and sound levels will be adjusted to keep events accessible to those with sensory sensitivities.

Please do not wear scented products to this event, to keep it accessible for those with sensory and chemical sensitivities. If you arrive wearing scented products, you may be asked to leave, for the safety of other attendees.

The films we will be showing are:

WRETCHES & JABBERERS (3:00pm showtime)

CITIZEN AUTISTIC (5:00pm showtime)

LOVING LAMPPOSTS (7:00pm showtime)

For more information about the films and ticket sales, visit the Northwest Film Forum site, here:


Untitled #174, 2013
Simen Johan
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