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Elliot Loves (2012)
Elliot Loves is the story by screenwriter/director Terracino of Dominican-American Elliot Ayende (Fabio Costaprado) at two stages of his life: as a 9-year-old ( Quentin Davis Araujo) who is side-kick and confidant to his barely-keeping-it-together single mom (Elena Goode); and as a 21-year-old looking for love in New York City. A comedy-drama that shows you can survive anything life throws at you — just “keep it cute, papi.”
The award-winning, groundbreaking gay Latino comedy drama is now showing on HBO, HBO Latino and HBO GO! Available on Amazon and iTunes!
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…no matter how many books we read, how many ally trainings we participate in, or how sharp an analysis of power we think we have, we can never totally know one another. We will never have a complete knowledge of how not to hurt another human being. We can have a million conversations but I will never know what it feels like to live inside your body and the meanings that are attached to it. You can never truly know what it feels like to live inside my body and the meanings that are attached to it. And if we can never truly know one another, how can we ever truly be good to one another?

The project of being good to one another is, ultimately, a failed project. But we must be good to one another we must try and fail and try again and fail again and try forever more. A performance of political perfection is always already a performance of failure. The so-called politically perfect performance has all the color and distance of José Muñoz’s queer utopian horizon. We are not yet queer, we are not yet liberated, and therefore, every single performance we enact, whether on stage or in the everyday, must strive for political perfection, must move ALL of us closer to liberation

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