:/  i gave notice at my job of 14 years yesterday.

i start a new job in 3 weeks!

it was totally unexpected but so awesome.

it’s a pay cut and i don’t even give a fuck.

i love the people. i have known many of them for so long.

now i just need to not fuck it up



Miss you. Hope you’re ok. Hope you left for all the good reasons


田園に死す (1974) - 寺山修司 

:/ don’t say “suck my dick and eat my ass” to someone as an insult then act like you want me to suck your dick and eat your ass

album art

we get a lot of calls from parents.  lots of times they are afraid we are cooperating with the police or the government, they are afraid we are trying to cheat them out of shit and fuck them over, or they are afraid that we are discriminating against them. 

i hate it when our staff laugh about their calls or act as if they are just being “crazy”.

there are REASONS they feel this way.

  • we serve low income families in California that must qualify using FEDERAL poverty guidelines. you know how shitty that is? a single mother with one child working 40 hours a week for minimum wage is TOO RICH for our program.
  • our families are constantly judged for their choices in “designer” clothes, “fancy” cars, and cell phones by staff. i have never heard a complaint like this about a white family. never.
  • some of our families are referred by other agencies, including substance abuse recovery programs and child welfare.
  • 83% of our families are latino and african american while 39% of all lead teachers are white.  this one might not seem so bad, since 14% of our lead teachers are african american, and the rest are latino, but they are not placed in ways to serve families best. for instances: 81% of lead teachers do not speak spanish while 51% of families’ primary language is spanish. and in lots of classrooms, this means there is no spanish speaking lead in a class with as little as 2 and as many as 20 spanish speaking families.  this means there is NOBODY on site to speak to them  about their child on a daily basis.  and anti-blackness jfc (from EVERYONE).
  • 75% of management is white. all but 1 of the 25% that is not white are mid to lower level managers (including me). only 1 manager is african american. if a family wants to escalate an issue from a classroom to a management level, they will have to speak to a white person, and in many cases, someone who probably doesn’t speak their primary language. and don’t fucking forget the fucking anti-blackness.

why wouldn’t these families be worried we are not treating them right?  



I don’t usually celebrate book birthdays this close together, but TAMED is here!!! For 99cents this week only.
FIT will also be 99cent this week. Happy Reading! 

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That’s the number of arrest warrants issued in Ferguson last year for nonviolent crimes. Compare that to the population of 21,135 people.

Ferguson is making bank off its own citizens

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"White citizens were stopped less than 13% of the time despite making up 29% of the population"

At some point I’ll stop talking about Ferguson. Today is not that day.

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