!!! how does this happen? maybe sleep tumblring? some of them are not the least bit familiar…

p.s. love the shirts i got from you in January. too fucked up for a while there to even think of taking a photo. will do soon and post.

We were never friends; not for a second. I loved you.

Orange Is The New Black   (via girlmanga)
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Meet the pollen-gilded bat (Phyllonycteris poeyi), really living up to its name. This species, from eastern Cuba, has specialised fur that grips onto pollen, creating a very handy moveable feast.Read more

I hadn’t realized how much I’d been needing to meet someone I might be able to say everything to.

Talk Before Sleep, Elizabeth Berg (via fuckyeahliteraryquotes)

Yukio Mishima photographed by Tamotsu Yato. Original contact sheets (undated, 1960s?). From the estate of Donald Richie.
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The #LONDON issue | Second Edition
#PHOTO by male® #April ‘14